Hand Safety Spotlight

Ansell and Ringers Make Your Job Safer, Together

Earlier this year, Ringers Gloves was acquired by Ansell, adding specialty impact gloves for oil, gas, and the industrial sector to Ansell’s diverse collection of personal protective equipment offerings. For the first time since our acquisition by Ansell, we attended the 2019 National Safety Congress Expo and showcased our joint portfolio of personal protective equipment.         

Ansell and Ringers Gloves share similarities that made for a natural partnership. We both offer the best standard of glove options and invest in cutting edge technologies with safety at the core of our decisions. Ansell and Ringers share a common goal of keeping users safe with the highest standard of PPE by utilizing superior, proprietary designs and technologies. Ansell’s acquisition of Ringers presented a great business opportunity as well: allow our strengths to work in synergy and create an even more robust portfolio of personal protective equipment for the world’s hazardous work environments.

The energy sector is where Ringers Gloves has always excelled. It is the sector we know best, and the area we could support Ansell’s business the most. This month, Ringers was thrilled to feature its R-Flex glove series at the 2019 NSC Expo. The R-Flex series delivers all-day hand protection through an innovative knit shell. It couples comfort and dexterity with enhanced padding protection and coating on the palm for a stronger grip. With all of our gloves developed using F3 Technology™, we have set the standard for safety gloves in the oil field by providing a solution that does not force oilfield workers to choose between fit, form, or function. These work gloves designed for the oil and gas industry only strengthen Ansell’s portfolio of sophisticated PPE. Ringers Heavy Duty Impact gloves are made for the harsh conditions found both inside and outside the energy sector, making the addition of all series of our world-class impact gloves a great way to further round out Ansell’s personal protective equipment offerings.

Our acquisition with Ansell allows us to look across different industries and identify key areas of workplace safety previously under-covered. We can now offer a complete portfolio of solutions to our customers across industries and hazard levels. Leveraging the reach of Ansell’s global network and its strength of customer relationships provides our combined teams the opportunity to service new clients and keep workers across the globe safe.

Together with Ansell we are introducing workers in all environments and professions to the highest quality of hand protection solutions. Be sure to explore the many PPE products available from both Ringers and Ansell. We’re confident you’ll find just what you need.

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