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Preventing Fatigue In The Workplace [Infographic]

The Effects of Fatigue in the Workplace

Fatigue affects more than 43% of the U.S. workforce, and that number increases for night shift worker and those working past their normal hours. The effects of fatigue can result in decreased productivity and an increase in safety incidents.

Fatigue in the workplace is not always the result of working long hours, it is a factor of a number of variables such as stress, mental health, home life, diet, substance abuse and many others.

The cost of workplace fatigue is staggeringly high, and the consequences associated with incidents caused by fatigue for industrial workers range from personal injury to loss of life.

You are three times more likely to be in an automobile accident if you are fatigued and in 2014, more than 5,000 people died in fatigue related car crashes in America alone.

Adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep each night to be fully rested, but 30% of people report to getting fewer than six hours of sleep. Getting fewer than the recommended hours of sleep on a continuous basis has a compounding effect that makes people less productive and more error prone.

Too many employees don't understand the consequences of fatigue and of the 43% of the workforce suffering from its effects, it becomes a way of life. The National Safety Council supports science-based fatigue risk management systems in the workplace and recently convened a panel of experts to explore fatigue and its effects on occupational safety.  

Fatigue rev 2

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