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Glove Guide: Is the Roughneck the Right Work Glove for You?

Roughneck Glove Guide

Finding the best work glove can be a challenge. What level of cut protection do you need? What palm material will give you the best grip? How important is impact protection? Ringers Roughneck gloves offer numerous safety features, but how do they stack up against the competition?

Read our glove guide to see if the Roughneck is the right safety glove for you.

Roughneck Gloves 

Roughneck Gloves are heavy-duty safety gloves that have become the standard in the oil and gas industry. But, its uses extend far beyond the oilfield.

Industries Where Roughneck Gloves Thrive

One question to ask yourself is, “what tasks will I be performing with the glove?” The Roughneck glove is great for a number of applications, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Chainsaw Use
  • Materials Handling
  • Yard Work

Roughneck Glove Series

What Level of Protection Do You Need?

What level cut protection, impact protection, and puncture resistance is needed for the task? For most industries, some level of protection is required – and the standards are only increasing. And it’s not hard to see why; 70% of hand injuries are caused by wearing the wrong type of glove. That’s why we’ve designed the Roughneck glove with incredible cut protection, impact protection, and puncture resistance.

  • ANSI/ISEA rated for A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6 cut resistance
  • CE rated for EN388 level 2, 3, and 5 cut resistance
  • CE rated for EN388 level 2, 3, 4, and 5 puncture resistance

 Not sure what these numbers mean? Here’s a quick breakdown of ANSI/ISEA cut levels:

ANSI/ISEA Cut Levels

Learn about new ANSI & CE cut ratings by reading our latest blog.

Read the Blog

What Safety Features are Important?

Beyond cut protection and puncture resistance, Roughneck gloves are designed with additional safety features:

  • TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers – proprietary impact protection that disperses impact force and prevents injury
  • Variety of palm materials – select the grip and protection you need
  • Kevlar stitched palm – enhances glove durability*
  • Extended neoprene wrist closure – protects entire hand and wrist
  • High visibility colors – keeps hands visible in dangerous environments
  • Waterproof barrier – keeps hands dry, all day long*
  • Insulation – keeps hands warm in cold environments*

Ringers Gloves Beats the Competition

Dexterity Plus Impact Protection

Sometimes you simply need the best protection you can get. The Ringers Roughneck 259 glove was named best-in-class for dexterity plus impact protection. The independent study was performed by Dr. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, a world-recognized authority on hand biomechanics, injury prevention, and industrial ergonomics. The test revealed that several Ringers gloves – including the Roughneck 259 – achieved the highest rating for protecting hands from high impact while providing the necessary dexterity to successfully complete worksite tasks. 

See the results for yourself! Download our best-in-class brochure.

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Roughneck Gloves Vs. Competitors:

During testing, the Ringers Roughneck 259 glove – the best-in-class glove for dexterity plus impact protection – was rated against comparable gloves in the heavy-duty category. 

Ringers Gloves is Best-in-Class in Dexterity Plus Impact Protection

If you need best-in-class dexterity plus impact protection, Roughneck gloves are right for you. And, each Roughneck glove offers unique safety features as well as a range of cut and impact protection levels. Explore our new glove store to find the right level of protection and comfort for your needs.

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* Not available with all Roughneck gloves

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