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Glove Sizing Chart

Glove Chart

“What’s my glove size?” We often hear that question.

If you’re wondering how to find your glove size, it’s easy. Determine your glove size by using our Glove Sizing Chart, or see other ways to measure your hands for gloves and glove sizing tips below. 


Download and print our Glove Size Chart to easily find your glove size.Glove Sizing Chart - How to Measure Hands for Glove Sizes

*To download, right click the Glove Sizing Chart and select "save image as". Or, simply select the image and drag it to your desktop. 

Why is finding the proper glove size is important? 70% of injuries are caused by not wearing hand protection.

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Another way to measure your hands for your glove size is to use a tape measure. Start just below the knuckles, and wrap the tape measure around your palm to determine the circumference of your hand in inches. Don’t wrap the tape measure around your thumb when measuring.



  • Measure both hands and use the larger measurement for glove sizes
  • If your hand measurement falls between glove sizes, order the larger glove size
  • If half-sizes are available, round up your glove measurement to the nearest size
  • When using a tape measure, make a fist for accurate glove sizing


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