Hand Safety Spotlight

Hand Safety in the Heat




It is that time of year again- Summer. To most of us, Summer means family and fun. But, Summer can also bring on dangerous conditions in terms of heat. Hot temperatures are no stranger to Summer, especially at the worksite.

If you work in an environment which requires safety gloves keeping your hands dry and cool in your gloves can be challenging when it is really hot outside. Here are some tips that can help your hands stay a little bit cooler when the temperatures soar.

  1. Breathable options are good options. Knit gloves made with HPPE yarns provide a lightweight solution with breathability. Ringers R-Flex series offers 13-gauge PPE solutions with a variety of cut levels and impact solutions
  2. Remember that in the heat, hot hands sweat-especially those performing heavy duty tasks. To help keep hands cool and reduce perspiration, gloves that use mesh are good alternatives as they allow additional airflow. Ringers’ Roughneck series has two vented options using mesh, the R268 and the R298. Both options provide impact and cut protection with the goal of keeping hands cooler.
  3. Stay safe by taking care of your PPE. Sweaty gloves left out in the sun to dry can lose their safety properties. High heat and sweat can breakdown the materials within the glove exposing you to risk. It is important that you are aware of the care instructions of not just your gloves, but of all your PPE clothing.

Remember, that just because it is hot outside, doesn’t mean you don’t have to comply with safety standards. Wear your gloves, because your hands are worth it.

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