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Hand Safety [Infographic]

Hand Safety Statistics [Infographic] 

Understanding how and why people get hurt on the job is an important step to preventing injuries in the workplace. Hand injuries make of the vast majority of Lost Time Incidents (LTI) but are 100% preventable with a strong safety culture and commitment to hand safety.

We talk a lot about hand safety and other safe work practices, and we wanted to break down some of the data around hand safety on the job.

The statistics around hand safety incidents are pretty shocking when you break them down:

  • 20% of disabling workplace injuries involve hands¹
  • 30% of hand injuries are actually caused by wearing the wrong glove²
  • 70% of hand injuries result from not wearing any type of hand protection²
  • Over 1,000,000 hand injuries a year in the U.S. alone¹


Breaking those numbers down even further you can see "how"workers are injuring their hands on the job, and just how expensive those injuries can be to the employer. 

The infographic on Hand Safety Statistics in this post is a quick and easy to understand reference that shows just how important it is for companies and workers to wear their personal protective equipment and keep their hands away from hazardous equipment and out of harm's way.

If your organization has experienced a high rate of hand injuries, or if you are committed to keeping those injuries from happening at your facilities, please feel free to use the image below in your pre-job safety meetings, post it around your work sites or share it with your colleagues and peers. 

At Ringers Gloves we are dedicated to safe work practices and keeping the hands of your employees safe while on the job: Why, because They're Worth it.


Hand Safety

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While we manufacture the highest quality hand protection on the market, we are also dedicated to keeping employees who work in every type of hazardous professions safe, so we write about topics that will help our audience achieve a zero incident workplace and not just those related to hand safety.


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