Hand Safety Spotlight

Best Work Gloves for Hot Weather


Summer is a favored season with many fun-filled perks. However the summer can also lead to dangerous conditions in and around the workplace, especially if employees don’t have access to appropriate heat resistant work gloves. 

It’s important to comply with the safety standards put forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and ensure continued use of workers’ personal protective equipment, even on the hottest of days. That is why providing workers with heat-resistant summer work gloves is essential.

Hydration is key to staying safe on the job, as dehydration causes fatigue, making all parts of your body susceptible to exhaustion, including your hands. When you experience hand fatigue you are more accident-prone and likely to drop equipment. Added to this susceptibility is the reality of workers reducing their use of protective gloves in warm weather because it is too hot.  Hot hands are also prone to slip on dangerous machinery, which is why the sweat-wicking capability of heat resistant work gloves is paramount to summer workplace safety.

It is critical for employees to practice self-care in the workplace by taking breaks when necessary, seeking shade, and drinking water. In addition, selecting PPE such as heat resistant work gloves with impact protection and high dexterity can help reduce hand fatigue as gloves that are too stiff can negatively impact your productivity.

It’s often tempting to disregard gloves entirely in hot weather. That’s why it is important to invest in durable, dependable summer work gloves that keep your hands cool and allow for additional airflow. Consider one of the recommended gloves below to keep your hands safe at work this season.


Hot Weather Glove Solutions:

Our 065 R-Flex Impact Nitrile Gloves have a breathable knit shell with excellent dexterity for all working conditions. The silicon patches in these 065 R-Flex gloves provide extra grip, while still ensuring tactility in the finger tips.

If you are looking for more high-quality summer glove options you should check out our Super Hero series, which are durable but lightweight in comparison to traditional cut and sew gloves.


Glove Care:

In addition to choosing the right gloves it is important to take care of them, especially in the summer heat. Avoid leaving your gloves in the heat when possible as it can change the characteristics of your glove. Consider expanding the life span of your gloves by rotating between two pairs.

We hope you will join us in exercising workplace safety. It’s time to invest in Ringers Gloves that are protective, durable, and fit well.