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Ringers Gloves Partners with Team Rubicon for Disaster Relief Efforts

Focus on the storm

You can't turn on your TV, scroll through your social feeds or listen to the radio without hearing storm coverage when a severe weather system threatens part of the United States. The unknown effects of a named storm or other natural disaster have a way of grabbing our attention. As Americans, we have a hard time looking away.

After disaster strikes, there are news cameras on the ground and in helicopters over the scene, streaming images of devastation into our homes and straight to our mobile devices. We watch as people try to cope with what just happened to them and send our thoughts and prayers to those affected.

The 24-hour news cycle quickly moves on to the next story. Only occasional coverage is given to the ongoing efforts to clean up and rebuild. But that is when the real work happens. The clean up efforts last for weeks or months, and the area affected by the disaster could take years to return to pre-storm conditions.

It is during the clean up and rebuilding efforts that organizations like Team Rubicon spring into action, doing what they can to help.

About Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon provides relief to areas affected by natural disasters. The teams that work to help after a storm, wildfire, flood or other catastrophic event are made up of experienced former military personnel, medical professionals and first responders.

Team Rubicon Community


The people who make Team Rubicon the relief force it is are trained in the application of Incident Command System (ICS) in compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Volunteers are trained in the basics of ICS. Team Rubicon deploys as a self-sustaining unit.

Team Rubicon's dedication to serving communities around the world after disaster strikes inspired Ringers Gloves to get involved and support their efforts. By helping their incident management personnel protect their hands in conditions that contain every conceivable hazard our products are designed to protect against.

Why Ringers is getting involved

At Ringers Gloves, we know better than most just how devastating natural disasters can be and how much work it takes to clean up after one. Because our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas we saw the destruction of Hurricane Harvey first hand.

And while we have supported relief efforts in the past, it was learning about the effectiveness of Team Rubicon that inspired us to get involved with their work.

In the past few weeks, we have formalized an agreement to supply gloves to Team Rubicon's first responders and other incident management personnel on the front lines of disaster zones around the world.

Our first shipment of donated gloves is already being used to help the people affected by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.

These images are just part of the shipment of over 7,000 gloves Ringers sent to Team Rubicon in support of their relief efforts.

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Being known as the hand safety experts is what sets Ringers Gloves apart in the industries we serve. Our commitment to keeping every hand injury free and supporting communities is why we partnered with Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon can't do it alone

Team Rubicon is a remarkable organization, dedicated to helping people who have lost everything. They can't do it alone. Support from businesses and individuals is how they are able to keep doing what they do.

If you would like to help Team Rubicon in their relief efforts, we encourage you to donate to their cause. Any monetary donation helps them improve communities that have been impacted by natural disasters around the world.

To make a donation to Team Rubicon, click the button below.



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