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Ringers Rated Best-in-Class for Dexterity Plus Impact Protection

Dexterity plus impact protection

A good glove is hard to find. Harder still, finding a comfortable work glove that fully protects hands. Often, safety gloves are too unprotected, or aren’t flexible enough to work without hindrance. The truth is, jobsites can be harsh environments, and workers need protective gloves – the kind that save hands from impact without getting in the way of their jobs.

Having the right dexterity plus impact protection is crucial to any environment. But not all gloves are created equal.

What should I look for in safety gloves?

30% of injuries are caused by using the wrong glove. Using the right glove, one designed specifically for the task at hand, reduces injuries, but what safety features are important? It varies among industries; however, there are two primary factors in good safety gloves.

Impact Protection – The ability to resist impacts or force damage.

Dexterity – The ability to perform a task while wearing a glove and the comfort in wearing the glove during use.

The best impact gloves combine dexterity and impact protection. We wanted to determine precisely how Ringers’ gloves stack-up against the competition, so we commissioned an independent, scientific study for definitive proof.

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Dexterity plus impact protection

How Ringers raised the bar

In an independent study at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee conducted by Dr. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, a world-recognized authority on hand biomechanics, injury prevention, and industrial ergonomics, Ringers achieved the highest rating for protecting hands from high impact while providing the necessary dexterity to successfully complete worksite tasks.

Throughout the study, each glove outperformed comparable gloves from some of the industry’s leading brands.

Ringers rated best-in-class dexterity plus impact protection

Dexterity plus impact protection

What makes Ringers Gloves best-in-class for dexterity plus impact protection

What makes Ringers Gloves best-in-class for dexterity plus impact protection? According to Dr. Campbell-Kyureghyan,

“Hand function is complex, even without wearing protective gloves. Tactile sensitivity, prehension, and dexterity are all influenced by the use of gloves.”

To meet these fit, form, and function criteria, we design and develop all gloves ergonomically based on the Ringers’ proprietary F3 Technology™ with high quality materials. 

The result: Ringers’ gloves optimize hand protection, dexterity, and comfort. This, in turn, reduces reportable hand injury incidents and increases your return on investment.

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Download our best-in-class study brochure to see comparisons to other brands, and learn exactly how the tests were performed.

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