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Ringers Delivers Safety Gloves to Team Rubicon

Ringers Delivers Safety Gloves to Team Rubicon

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Ringers Gloves is working to support and help rebuild our communities. This commitment extends beyond Houston. We’re here to serve, wherever we can, whether that means contributing to donation efforts or partnering with like-minded organizations.

One of those organizations is Team Rubicon — a collection of veterans and skilled civilians dedicated to disaster response and humanitarian aid. This Thursday, Ringers Gloves donated 17,000 pairs of safety gloves to the Team Rubicon supply chain headquarters near Ft. Worth, Texas. These gloves will be used by Team Rubicon volunteers across North America.

Ringers Safety Gloves at Team Rubicon Center

Thursday morning, 17,000 pairs of work gloves departed from Ringers’ distribution center in Grand Prairie, Texas, and the Ringers team commuted to the center from their Houston Headquarters. After meeting Team Rubicon, Ringers Gloves hosted a BBQ dinner for the employees and volunteers.

A Good Use for Safety Gloves:

Team Rubicon Trying Safety Gloves

Revitalizing our communities is a commitment that surpasses Harvey Relief. By donating gloves to Team Rubicon, our safety work gloves will protect the hands of volunteers and benefit communities outside of Texas.“Keeping our members safe in the field is a priority, and it starts with our hands," said Brian MeagherMajor Gift Officer at Team Rubicon. "Quality gloves like Ringers Gloves will go a long way in helping others get back to normal.”

“We’ve seen the devastation first hand,” said Anthony Thomas, Ringers Gloves’ Senior Vice President. “For me, it’s personal and I’m energized to do this. To give back as a company, we want to use our time, energy and expertise on what we know best – safety gloves.”

About Team Rubicon:

Team Rubicon's primary mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible. 

Ringers Safety Gloves and Team Rubicon

About Ringers Gloves:

Founded in 1996, Ringers Technologies LLC is the original innovator of the hand safety glove. We serve construction, oil & gas, military, law enforcement, fire/rescue, mechanics and industrial customers worldwide. By incorporating client needs into every glove design, Ringers maximizes performance, safeguards hands and reduces the total cost of glove ownership. We protect hands — because they’re worth it™.

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