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Ringers Unveils New Tactical Glove Series at the Modern Day Marine Show

Tactical Glove

Ringers Gloves attended the Modern Day Marine Show, one of the world’s largest military exposition, where we unveiled the all-new, Ringers Tactical Glove series.

We also offered nearly 700 pairs of Ringers high visibility reflective runners gloves and registered visitors in a prize drawing for a new Marine Corps issue Colt .45 caliber Marine Close Quarter Battle Pistol (MCQB), with the winner to be announced soon.
Ringers’ high quality tactical gloves – which launched during the Modern Day Marine Show, September 19-21 – are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of military personnel. Sensitivity and precision are critical. All of Ringers’ tactical gloves are engineered to enhance feel and dexterity in extreme conditions and hazardous environments. 

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Tactical Glove revealed

Ringers Tactical Glove:

The Ringers Tactical Glove series offers superior dexterity and touch screen compatibility so the hands of military personnel remain protected. The Marine attendees loved the fit, feel and function of the new tactical glove series. The Ringers Tactical Glove series isn’t built for comfort alone; this Nomex® flame resistant glove is made from genuine goatskin leather with advanced TPR impact protection and dispersion, protecting hands from heavy impact and injury. Tactical Glove hard knuckle

Best-in-Class Dexterity Plus Protection

Our combination of dexterity plus protection is unrivaled in safety gloves – come feel the difference for yourself at the 2017 National Safety Council Congress and Expo, Sept 25-28. Be sure to stop by our booth #808 and enter to win a free Navigator U31W Drone with HD Camera.

Tactical Glove Modern Day Marine

About Ringers:

Founded in 1996, Ringers Technologies LLC is the original innovator of the hand safety glove. We serve tactical, first responder and industrial customers worldwide. By incorporating client needs into every glove design, Ringers maximizes performance, safeguards hands and reduces the total cost of glove ownership. We protect hands — because they’re worth it. 

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