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Why Grip is important when choosing safety gloves

Grip is essential to hand safety. A compromised grip can lead to an occupational hazard. If a glove isn’t providing the necessary grip, companies are at risk of workers removing their gloves and exposing their hands. Workers sustain approximately a quarter of a million serious injuries to fingers, hands and wrists each year.[1] According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and OSHA, wearing a glove reduces the risk of a hand injury by 27%.

Most hand injuries are preventable. Companies that cultivate a culture of hand safety awareness understand that there are a variety of PPE options when it comes to gloves. They also understand the importance in utilizing test programs offered by safety companies to find the right glove to perform the task at hand. Grip is an essential characteristic that contributes to the overall performance of the glove and should be carefully considered when making glove selections.

With 35 muscles in the hand that function to provide movement in the forearm and the arm, it is important to consider tactility, dexterity, flexibility, mobility and comfort when choosing a glove. If grip is compromised due to decreased flexibility or tactility, workers are at risk of dropping objects and potentially increasing the risk to others nearby. A glove that does not provide the right amount of dexterity can lead to hand fatigue.

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Selecting the appropriate grip for the environment is a critical point of consideration when choosing a glove. There are gloves that add materials, such as silicon, to the palm to enhance tactility. Some gloves have palms that provide a sandy surface to reduce slippage. Leather palms tend to be used in environments where both durability and abrasion resistance are important. End use considerations with regards to grip must be evaluated as different applications and situations require different solutions.

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Employers should look to hand safety experts for guidance in selecting the right hand safety solutions. Ringers Gloves is uniquely qualified to carefully evaluate your specific hand safety needs and recommend a comprehensive set of hand safety solutions. As always, if you have any questions about Ringers Gloves or our products, please send us an email at info@ringersgloves.com




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